Nurses Make a Difference

This video is a beautiful homage to nurses, from the perspective of TV news commenter Lawrence O’Donnell. He left his stay at a New York City hospital with a deep respect and affection for the nurses who cared for him and for the nursing profession. It’s always nice to hear the revelations of non-health care professionals about how nurses care for their patients. Although I was quite surprised that he thought tipping nurses was appropriate and inadvertently compared us to housekeepers at a hotel, I appreciated some of the larger aspects of the nursing life that he was able to touch on. Sometimes, jokingly, I’ll bid my husband farewell in the morning with an “off to save some lives" instead of the usual “off to work." But that is exactly what we do. And most of us don’t think that’s particularly remarkable. But as Lawrence put it, don’t you think that is more newsworthy than what some congressman said? Despite all the bad news we hear and see, I hope we as nurses can remember that a lot more things go right in our country and in our hospitals, every day, and that we get to do work that is meaningful and important. We at Pacific Perinatal Group have a deep, abiding respect for nurses and the nursing profession. Please return back to this blog often, as we try to keep positive, respectful and thought-provoking issues at the forefront for discussion.

Please leave comments below. What did you think of this video? What is the sweetest/funniest way a patient has tries to show appreciation? Any perceptions or misperceptions of nurses that you encounter?