Nurse POWER (pose)

Nurse POWER!

My sister sent me the link to this TED talk just before a job interview. Thank goodness! I arrived with enough time to find a restroom, go into a stall, set the timer on my phone for 2 minutes and pose. Power pose that is. I chose the wonder woman version, because, well, it seemed to fit the occasion. I can truly say I felt comfortable and dynamic.  I knew I had been able to portray the exact image of myself that I had wanted. My best self had come across.

In the video, Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist describes her research on how certain body positions can increase testosterone and decrease cortisol, which allows a person to be more calm. This same combination is found in leaders and more assertive-type people. This made me think about nurses and the nursing profession. How many of us are not able to assert ourselves, be leaders and take a role in the decision-making of our units and organizations because of our perceived lack of power? And although you can’t stop for a power pose break in the middle of, say, a hemorrhage, could a regular practice of this help in those stressful, emergent situations? Let us know what you think in the comments section. Is this silly? Funny? Useful?